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Kimmy McHarrie        

Fine Art Glass Mosaics

Kimmy McHarrie makes fine art mosaics using venetian glass, stone, shells, gold leaf smalti , semi precious stones and found objects. 

Since her first exhibition in 2005 Kimmy has sold more than 450 works to collectors worldwide.


Basking shark featured in Ocean Conservation Research newsletter

Artist Kimmy McHarrie’s monumental mosaic of a basking shark surrounded by plankton resounds as a rallying call for ocean conservation. The mosaic stands as a visual testament to the diminishing basking shark population around the Isle of Man—plunging from 500 sightings in 2019 to just 8 sharks reported in 2021. Displayed prominently at Ronaldsway Airport, McHarrie’s masterpiece weaves local stone, repurposed glass, and found items into a vibrant tapestry that champions ocean conservation, sustainability, and the battle against the climate crisis. In an era where activism finds its voice in art, Kimmy McHarrie’s mosaic emerges as a resonant call to action, an embodiment of hope amid the ebb and flow of our oceanic journey. 

Diatom Dyptich 2024

My work has always been collage led and I see mosaic as an extension of this, colour, shape and texture being all important. I try to bring a new approach to the ancient art of mosaic. Mosaic making is a very physical process. Each piece of coloured glass or stone is cut by hand using a hammer and hardie, the traditional mosaicist’s tools. The process I use for completing the mosaic is called the double reverse method, which I learnt in Ravenna, Italy, the historic centre of Byzantine mosaic.

Kimmy McHarrie

Arctic Tern 2019


Diatom Porthole 


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