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Technical Information


Smalti is an opaque coloured glass hand made at the Orsoni factory in Cannaregio, Venice.

Orsoni uses the same techniques since 1888 to produce 24K gold leaf mosaics, and glass smalti in more than 3,500 colours.

orsoni smalti and gold pizzas.jpg

Double Reverse Method

Kimmy uses the double reverse method, pioneered in Ravenna, which allows the finished mosaic to be viewed before finally setting it in cement mortar. This is a very

time consuming process involving 6 different stages.

Unlike most modern mosaics Kimmy’s mosaics are not grouted. In Roman and Byzantine mosaic, the ‘interstice’ (the gap between the tessera) is as important as the tessera itself. This results in an image of greater depth and life, as seen in the great works in Ravenna and Rome



Most  mosaics are set in 10mm steel frames custom made to Kimmy's drawings before being backed with marine ply and chicken wire to hold the mosaic in place.

These frames are easily hung on a single screw.

Others are mounted in enamelled copper frames hand made  by Kimmy.

Dyptik detail 2.jpg
Flying Angel 4 21x15 smalti and glass in
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