This page shows a selection of works from recent exhibitions.

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Blue Fin Tuna 

smalti and glass  1050x400 

Thwaite Shad Panel

smalti and glass 450x200 

Mackerel Panel

smalti and glass 450x200 

Herring Gull Panel

smalti and glass in enamel frame 450x200 

Click here to see a video of how this mosaic was created 

Hollyhocks Triptych 1150 x 900.jpg

Hollyhocks Triptych 

smalti and glass  1150x900 

Fish Enamel 2020

smalti glass and mirror in antique enamel frame


Rock Pool 2020

smalti glass mirror metal shell and marbles in antique porthole frame

Arctic Tern 

smalti   1150x300

Sea Fan Window

smalti and glass  set in 18thC Iron Frame

9500 Diameter


smalti and glass  900x500

Herring Diptych

smalti and glass  1150x530 

Amalfi Harbour 

smalti and glass  400x550 

Marine Life 

smalti, shell and glass  400x550 

Mermaids Tresses   

glass and lead  500x360


glass and lead  500x900 


 glass, lead and screws 200x200


 glass, venetian glass rods, marbles and screws 200x200


smalti, glass and lead 200x200

School of Herring

smalti, mirror and glass  1200x1200 

Polar Landscape 

glass  500x360

Sea Fan

smalti and glass 560x530


smalti and glass  550x200 

Spring Migration

smalti and glass  1350x1300 


smalti and glass  560x540 

Flying Angels (after Giotto)

smalti and glass

hand enamelled frame


Vipers bugloss 

smalti and glass  200x350 


smalti and glass  200x350 

Horned Poppy 

smalti and glass  200x350 

Wild Flower Triptych 

smalti  and glass 1200x600 

Distant Meadow

smalti 900x500


glass 560x560

Graveney Marshes Triptych 

smalti and glass 1050x260 

Gertrude Jekyll's Garden

smalti  5500x400 


glass and lead   1100x350 

Illuminated head


Amalfi Angel 1

smalti in Venetian glass frame

Amalfi Angel 2

smalti in Venetian glass frame

Sea Bird Triptych

smalti and glass 630x360

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